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Travel Parallel

The pandemic forced us to creatively reinvent our lives for almost two years. Now that we seem to be past the worst of it, people are taking that creative energy and turning it into new careers, projects, and ways of living that would never have happened pre-pandemic. It is so inspiring!

But rethinking our path is not easy. Starting new projects and ways of life are hard things to do alone. And let's face it, there is only so much support your partner or best friend can offer. Facing these challenges myself I kept thinking about how much I would love to have a community of people who love to travel and want to follow that love towards careers and lives where they truly feel alive.


Travel Parallel is that community! 

We offer week long retreats in beautiful locations where we can come together as a group to practically and energetically see the magic in each other that we often can’t see for ourselves. Each retreat is co-hosted by me, Ashley Bearden, and another creative thought leader, coach, artist, magic revealer to help guide our journey.

Each retreat will be a bit different and be influenced by the work of that particular co-host. But each experience is meant to help support your creative pursuits! We will spend a week as a creative community helping each other work through seeds of ideas, half baked projects that need advice/love, or just supporting your exploration for what this next chapter in life could look like. All in a beautiful villa/chateau/beach house in a stunning location that we can explore together. 


Ashley Bearden


Hi! I am Ashley Bearden, a filmmaker, activist and social entrepreneur based in New York City. Originally from Arkansas, I grew up inspired by my mom’s childhood spent abroad as the daughter of an Air Force pilot. I always knew I was meant to see the world too. After a short stint on Capitol Hill post college I landed in New York working on film and television sets for projects like Lost in Translation, The Sopranos and Reading Rainbow. For the past 10 years I has focused on documentary film work and have had the opportunity to travel the world as a documentary filmmaker through my production company Do Good Films

I found that seeing the humanity of people and places through the lens of a camera gives you a relentlessly truthful perspective on injustices around the world. These perspectives led me to activism along the way. In 2020 I founded The Activist Collab - a virtual community of young changemakers supporting each other around the world.

From road trips in Spain working with Anthony Bourdain, to filming female empowerment programs in South Africa, and covering social justice protests in Los Angeles, I have followed my heart and taken my career along with it. 

My love for travel, unique way of seeing the world as a filmmaker, and passion for social justice led me to create Travel Parallel - a community for those who love to travel and want to follow that love towards careers where they can contribute their unique gifts and truly feel alive. 

My wish is to help facilitate experiences for those wanting to follow their curiosity and see the world through their own special lens.  

If you would like more information about retreats or are interested in
Co-Hosting a retreat together, please don't hesitate to reach out:

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